Wow just Wow

Ok so reading through my assignment and I was trying to think of ways I could maybe include another reference. so I went to this site to help me find some statistics I could possibly add into the assignment.  You go to this page and put in the details of where and you generate a huge report about the area. I was shocked it is the census data of how many people are in full time work, how much the average household earns and how much they pay in rent! I don’t know if this information should really be so easily accessible. I decided not to use any of it in my assignment because I didn’t want to risk have information that would identify the school. I did want to write a blog because well I am a little shocked as to just how much information we can find online!



I had some really hard times in school I unfortunately had to deal with bullies for majority of my school years. Something I learnt or well something I told myself over and over again was that the bullies don’t matter. I went to get chocolate with a friend after dinner and we walked into the shop and I smiled at the cashier, engaged in the small talk about how cold it was said hope a great night as we left. I didn’t much of it but my friend said, why are you so nice to everyone. I thought about what type of person I am now and I smile even if I am having a bad day. I say please and thankyou to those who are serving me. If someone crashes into the back of me and writes my car off ( happened annoying but what can you do.) It’s ok lets swap insurance details. I be nice and I do this because I never want to be the reason for someone to feel stress. Life is hard as it is and when you are being picked on for the way you dress or the fact that you talk differently or in  my case I was just different it hurts. I know what it is like to be attack for something I can’t change in myself. I questioned if their was something wrong with me, what was I doing wrong for the people I was in school with hated me so much. Time went on and I learnt to be nice, even to those who were trying to hurt me. I smiled and said hello, I said happy birthday, I walked away and ignored the mean comments and did not show the bullies how hurt I was. I walked around with A smile on my face and I found a small amount of people that accepted me for me and I learnt the bullies don’t matter. Many years passed and I left school worked for a while and now I am studying to be a teacher. I wish I could say I didn’t encounter any more bullies but that is just not true. I was hit hard last year when I was working in a group for uni and went to the toilet as I went to walk back in I over heard them saying  that I was stupid and that we all talk but when she (as in me) talks it is just annoying. they laughed at me and spoke negatively about me and they didn’t even notice. I took a deep breath and continued to work with them ignoring the comments. However it took me back to school were I would get spoken about like this on a daily basis and this hurt because these were not kids these were so called adults. I don’t expect people to like me all the time but there is something called respect. They didn’t have to be my friend but this went as far to them talking to other groups about how they did not like me. and other groups being in the room as they made fun of me. Even now as I write this tears are coming to my eyes because I was hurt. I didn’t know what I did for that person to hate me so much she had to gang up on me with others. I am writing about this because in schools I have notice a trend in how they are combatting bullies and that is teaching them how their actions affect other people in a harmful way. As teachers we too need to refrain from the childish acts of being a bully. If you don’t like someone why try and make everyone else hate them. No one is asking you to be best friends or hang out with them, but be nice. You don’t know what a person is dealing with or has dealt. That is why I am nice that is why I smile. Getting angry only hurts myself and I no longer want to be hurt by the words of others.

Music stuck in my head.

So a week has gone by and I still have the Jolly Phonics songs stuck in my head. As odd as it is for a 30 year signing the songs I must say they really helped me in my prac. They kids love them they are catchy as hell and so easy to access. I have recently shown them to my sister so that she can show them to her young son while his not at a level to fully understand he still loves them. The songs don’t go for too long but they engage the young age group which is important. So if you have no idea what I am talking about I have added a link for your enjoyment. Be warned they do get stuck in your head 🙂

Change, change everywhere

I did my last prac in 2014 , as my years have been all muddled up. Back then we used SONA or something like that. All the forms are different now, we also have to upload. Honestly I don’t mind that I think it is a better system as everything is all in place. I am just a little disappointed because well I have been one of those lucky few people that have had wonderful Pracs every time. I got raved reviews from my mentors as well as getting fantastic feedback to grow from. Only issue for me is in the last year and a half I have moved 7 times no joke. I have now only got one reference but still have contacts at those schools. the forms I have also look different and they are in less detail. I have 2 more Pracs and an internship to go so hopefully that will be enough to fill what I need. I just wished they had this system in place when I fist started a million years ago haha. Serves me right for taking a year and a half off. I will leave you with a fun little clip of how much a dislike change and yes it is IT crowd:


Why do you do this to me work!!

Ok so I go to work 2 hours early to work on my assignment. Also I like to work through my lunch just so I can keep up with all the work. However work has now decided to block the uni site but block me from opening up papers I need to download. I could understand if I was doing this in their time but I am not. I hate when people just make my life difficult, honestly people I get all my work done I do my job well give me just a little time. I know I shouldn’t complain but it is the end of semester and I am just getting a little annoyed. It’s not like I am doing my online shopping like other people around here do. Well looks like I am not coming in early any more. Yep I am now going to chuck a tantrum just like a 2 year because that is what I want to do. This is what I feel is going on in my head right now.

Behaviour in the classroom

Behaviour is one of my favourite subjects to talk about and study. I am so very interested about the functions of behaviour, why children behaviour a certain way. As teachers we need to make sure we are not just making assumptions about our students in our class. We need to know why a behaviour is displayed before we can put in place strategies to change the behaviour into a more positive one. As Teaching with Fletch pointed out it is not something we will learn overnight.  If any one is interested I recommend the elective ‘Managing challenging Behaviours’. It is such an amazing course that is offered and really opens our eyes to just how complex behaviour really is. If anyone on their prac had students who engaged in challenging behaviours and it has sparked an interest I highly recommend it. Happy study guys the end is near and we can do this!

Well that was PRAC

Ok so it might have been good to have done a few of these while on prac, however I do have feedback and notes to work from though. Well I must say I was one of the lucky ones. I was terrified not going to lie going into the unknown scared me. How wrong I was, my class amazing, my mentor amazing and my school AMAZING!!!!! I use the word amazing as it has a unique yet important part to do with my prac. So as you know if you have been following me I am an interpreter of the deaf. Well I could not have been place in a better school with a better class, as my mentor said I belonged in that class. So there was a student in the class with special needs which made it difficult for him to communicate. What did he use to help, MAKATON which is basically a shorten version of what I use AUSLAN. So my skills were utilised, I taught the class ways to communicate better with their friends I help the teachers develop their skills in the language. I even got to present some songs the students learnt on parade in my last week. That word Amazing was the first sign I used to encourage the student which spiralled into what was one of the most memorable times in my life. It was difficult to say goodbye I never wanted my prac to end. Here is just a little more info about MAKATON.

Prac has started

Ok so I love my class and my teacher is amazing I am very happy. My skills in Auslan are getting utilize as one of the students uses a shorten version to communicate so my class was meant to be. The day goes so quickly and I come home exhausted but enjoying this year level more than I thought I would. This morning my mentor got stuck with a parent so I  just entertained the class you might say. It was that start of the day so I basically just asked them what they learnt yesterday. Nothing ground breaking but scored some brownie points with my mentor. I  am teaching my first real planned lesson tomorrow and I am very excited. I  am  a little worried about the lesson plan template as it is different from other previous subjects. I  know I am not the only one as I have read a blog by Jacqueline about lesson plans. She talks about using one from her teacher and while it sounds like a decent template it does scare me a little. I  was under the impression we had to use the template given, as it has a section about the use of our ICTs used. After all that is what the course is about. I  am interested in how other students are going and what lesson plan the intend on using. Although I  am not 100% sure of the template given I do like the reflection part so we can sit down and talk to our mentor and write down their advice. That way we do have a hard copy of that information which will help us with assignment 3.

Technology that missed the point

I think everyone would have seen the viral video of the sign language gloves that have won an award. However these gloves miss the mark, they are very one sided and are more help to the hearing community then the deaf community. I am all for technology that assist in the access of information for the deaf. I have seen comments where people have written “oh wow this will  bridge the gap to communicate with the deaf”. I ask the question how does it do that? think for a second about how the gloves work. A deaf person signs while wearing the very discrete and fashion forward gloves (said sarcastically) and it then translates (not interprets) what has been signed to spoken language. Great so now you know what the deaf person wanted to say to you. However think how do you as a hearing person without knowing sign language communicate back to the deaf person. The gloves do not turn spoken language into sign language. So tell me how does this bridge the gap for the deaf. This technology is one sided it is to improves communication for the hearing not the deaf. I feel that we often do this we congratulate and are inspired by technology we think is great, but we need to really look more deeper then that. This should help the deaf, I am not a deaf person so my thoughts are not a factor in this case. So what is the deaf perspective. If you are interested in another point of view on these fantastic invention read the following article from a deaf perspective. I really is important to truly understand both sides.

The deaf perspective of those sign gloves.

Just a little shocked

Ok so I might be sitting on my high horse here a little however I just am a little shocked at some of the things I am reading online. So we are warned to be carful as to how much we put online. I know I am very private in most of my online profiles. When I spoke about the stress I felt about my prac I did not put any vital information up. I did not put the specific year level or school just that I was scared and I was going to do my best to prepare. I have seen all over social media the name of schools grades etc. Maybe I am being too cautious however I don’t want to put that type of information up. My family knows where I am going as well as close friends but I don’t want to post it all over social media.  Another thing I noticed that has shocked me is a few have been very openly critical of there school. Now I have done a post ‘too much information’ that is something that I was finding difficult about this course. However I spent a lot of time and reflection on that post to make sure I could identify what I was finding difficult. I didn’t want to criticise or put down I wanted to say this is what I am finding difficult and this is why. I think as student teachers we have to realise that it is a privilege to be invited into someone’s classroom. they do not have to  have us there, they take a risk on us as well. No matter how helpful we can be in their classroom we are also extra work form them. They have to give advice, hand over their class to us to teach lessons which can be difficult for them. What if we suck I mean not every lesson has gone perfect for me and needed the help of my teacher to step in. The school opens it’s doors for us to learn, they trust us to teach their class. So when I see people annoyed because they got put on hold or that their teacher hasn’t replied to an email and they post on social media about how slack that teacher must be I get a little annoyed. I know that we want help, I know we are scared, I know we just want information now. Teachers are busy it might take time for them to get back to us. All I know is that if I was a teacher and I googled search the name of my student to see who I was getting or search my schools name and saw some of the post I have seen, I wouldn’t be impressed. If we are frustrated that’s ok,  but before we just criticise online for a huge audience lets just reflect and be very specific as what and why you feel that way. Lets think am I comfortable with that to be read by my lecturer or mentor. That is what I did with my previous post and our lecturer did read it and he did respond. I was happy to share those feelings with him and was grateful for his response to my work. I just think we need to be cautious of how much information we share online.